Presentation Examples

Recently I was invited to develop a series of guest lectures on research design. The most important element of any research endeavor is the question. 

Executive Functions, Dirty Dancing, a Monkey, and You  Monkey

Executive Functions and the Game of Life

Making Sense of Number Sense

Your Brain on Numbers

Autism: What’s the DSM-V Got to Do With It?

Stolen Affection: Identity Development in a Middle School Hallway

Non-Digital Natives Leverage Social Media

From Turtles to Tweets: PLCs and Within-Group Altruism

The Hunting of the SNARK: On Mentorship in Higher Education

The Holy Grail: What is a Processing Disorder?

Once Upon a Time: Digital Storytelling and the Common Core

Neuromyths for Teachers: Medulla, Mozart, and Much Ado

Cool Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities