I have expertise in a variety of topic areas including educational leadership, learning and the brain, learning disabilities, diagnostic assessment, school psychology, and ethics. I draw on over 20 years of experience as an educational leader and psychologist, as well as 15 years of experience as a higher education instructor.  I have advanced degrees in learning disabilities, school psychology, reading, and leadership and learning. My background in college-level instruction informs how I develop and design talks, learning experiences and workshops.  My background in advising and counseling informs my ability to listen actively and maintain a solution-focused orientation.  My background in research, both quantitative and qualitative informs my workshops and lectures. I enjoy bridging the gap between neuroscience and educational practice. Information is presented with humor, a bit of irreverence, and fun. I enjoy using visual media, popular media, digital tools, and interactive elements to engage my audiences. I am known for making unique connections across disciplines and questioning current paradigmatic standards. My background in psychology, studies in social justice, and study and work in ethics have given me a unique perspective on courage, leadership, and identity development.


Examples of audiences and topics with which I have speaking and consulting experience follow.  I am flexible and will tailor my content to meet a broad range of needs and audiences. I have worked with multiple community organizations, nonprofits, public K-12 schools, private K-12 schools, religiously and non-religiously affiliated schools, universities, regional and national professional organizations, and institutes.


Much of my speaking and consulting work has centered around learning disabilities and brain-based education. For example, I have given talks on diagnosis of processing disorders in learning disabilities, characteristics of reading disorders, matching “just right books” with readers, early numeracy and literacy development, understanding executive functions, programming for executive functions, and numerical cognition. My doctoral research resulted in unique and significant findings in the area of numerical cognition. Specifically, I study how numbers are represented in the brain, what happens when there are problems with number development, and how teachers can construct the best visual models for the development of secure number sense.

Leadership is another topic on which I have speaking and research experience. I have given talks on the development of professional learning communities, leadership and ethics, social media and altruism in groups, and social media and identity development.

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