Sara is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever encountered. Her knowledge seemed to be endless! It was encouraging to see an administrator so passionate about education.

This class was very open and welcoming. I got a lot out of it…This is by far one of the best courses I have taken…

Sara is someone I would love to sit down and have a conversation with over coffee. She was very engaging and supportive on discussions. I think she is one of the best professors I have had…

Sara Stetson was one of my favorite instructors during my graduate coursework at Riv. I was lucky enough to have her for both assessment courses. The coursework is rigorous, but I learned SO much that I could put to real life in my work as a case manager . Don’t ever let her go!

The instructor did a fantastic job teaching this course and provided a lot of helpful technological tools that teachers can use for students with multiple disabilities.

Can’t say enough about professor Stetson! She was very engaging, had a great sense of humor and made the class fun. Loved the way she taught and she allowed us to submit our case reports, then make changes and resubmit after she gave use feedback. I think that is a great way to learn and promote learning.

I loved, loved LOVED the simulations we did in class, like attentional blink, auditory illusion, the gorilla, learning about change blindness, etc. ¬†Those were so cool and fully engaged me in the class. I also really liked how the instructor used videos to illustrate the multiple intelligences– that made it both concrete and interesting! Additionally, I enjoyed how she allowed us to use creativity in our assignments. Making blog entries about teaching strategies was way more interesting than having to write a paper on teaching strategies. I love how the field experience reflection could be any medium we chose…And I enjoyed presenting the unit project as well. Also, I found that Sara was very understanding ¬†and flexible about due dates, which helped me not stress out about the assignments. Oh, and I loved the stuff she posted on Canvas—videos and animations and just interesting stuff. The digital textbook was much better than having to buy a regular textbook.

Absolutely loved going to this class! Dr. Stetson is an amazing educator. I only wish I had more classes with her!

Thank you Dr. Stetson for everything you have done for our class this semester. You are truly a wonderful role model and by far one of my most favorite professors at Rivier.

This [test statistics] was potentially a very boring subject, but professor Stetson made it very engaging, interesting, and funny.

Sara provided a ton of amazing information and new media. She took us out of our comfort zone and pushed us, but with a lot of support. She was extremely positive and helpful. She knows her stuff and pushes strategies that are research-based.

This course has definitely helped me to improve my technology skills. I was totally intimidated by this course at the onset of it. I honestly didn’t think I could do the Blog assignment. This proved to be a true learning experience. At the end of this course, I can honestly say that this has been one of my most valuable courses at Rivier.

Professor Stetson brought a fresh, bold perspective to the Advanced Assessment course; and her enthusiasm for the subject was contagious. The class stretched me further than I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised by all I learned and was able to do in such a short amount of time. This was a great course!

I didn’t know the availability of technology or the research going on! Professor Stetson brought both to the class and we all were able to learn and use it so we’ll be able to bring it to our students. I didn’t expect to be able to come away from the class a techno genius, but that’s how I feel now!

This instructor was one of the most helpful and supportive I have had at Rivier. Considering that all of my instructors have been extremely helpful that says a lot! I was impressed with her desire to make certain that we would be able to go out and do this. This course wasn’t about getting a grade, it was about attaining a real skill and being competent with that skill.

Awesome class— I believe the best I have ever taken at Rivier.

This course really made me reflect on my teaching and compliance with UDL guidelines. Professor Stetson is very well versed in technology and the UDL model.

The instructor made me go outside my comfort zone…but made me feel comfortable in the process…

I definitely learned a lot about UDL compliant lessons. I loved learning how to blog. My expectations were met as I learned so much about teaching students with learning disabilities.

I truly enjoyed this course. All assignments were appropriate and allowed me to really understand how putting together a unit from the top down makes sense!


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